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Social Zoom competitor Facebook Messenger Rooms lives worldwide

Image:-Social Zoom competitor Facebook Messenger Rooms lives worldwide

Zoom was never intended to be a social network, but the company's video chat app has become essential software for people who want to keep up with friends and family during the pandemic.

Today, Facebook is seeking to reverse the development of social video chat services as it launches globally its new group video chat service, Messenger Rooms, to support video calls with up to 50 participants without any time limits. The feature capitalises on the massive increase in the use of video chat across services and connects it to Facebook's tactics of growth in Facebook and Instagram Live.

Messenger Rooms is a download video chat, so when a friend creates a room using the feature, Facebook will alert users through a new section of the news feed or send notifications to some friends. As Facebook explained when the feature was announced, soon, users will also be able to join Instagram DMs, WhatsApp, and Portal and start calls, making it a social effort for the company across the company.

For the current time, users can start a call from Messenger or the Facebook app and send invitations to users, even those with no Facebook account.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the amount of time spent on group video chats increased by 1,000 percent over the past weeks. Given the social foundation of the feature and the lack of screen sharing, the app is unlikely to seriously scale into case companies and breach Zoom's core business. Facebook's Messenger Rooms are designed to create a scalable, free alternative and steal conversations from platforms such as Zoom and TikTok, which have been extremely buzzing in recent months.

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