Snapchat is now testing its new music feature like TikTok, may release later this year

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According to a report, Snapchat collaborates with major music companies to allow users to add songs to videos.

Users of Snapchat app can add songs in their videos soon. Snap Inc., Snapchat's parents, is reported to have entered into music rights contracts with several major music companies, such as Warner Music Group, Universal Music Publishing Group and Merlin.

According to an earlier Bloomberg report, Snap will test the new feature in New Zealand and Australia starting on Monday, with a broader release later this year.

Your friends can send music to you on the snapshot. You can see the art of the album, the title of your song, and the artist's name. A link to the song will also open a webview to Linkfire to listen to the full song on your favorite music-streaming platform, like Snapchat, Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud.

If your friend sends you a snap with music, go and see the art of the album, title of the song and the artist's name. A link "Play This Song" opens Linkfire's webview for listening to the complete song on your favorite streaming platform (such as Spotify , Apple Music or Sound Cloud). Snapchat has been designed to be a tool for communication with close friends, and friend-to-friend music recommendations have a huge value. Snapchatters can form an even deeper connection on and off the platform to the artists and the songs they love.

"The music is a new dimension to their snapshots, that helps to capture the sensations and moments they want to communicate with real friends," a snapchat voice-Representative said in an emails statement on Monday. "We 're always looking for new ways of expressing ourselves.

The new feature of Snapchat could be the company's attempt to take on TikTok, a spectacular video app that has headlines as the Trump administration sees a ban on it.