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SMARTfit's Is best fitness device for exercise in quarantine time


SMARTfit 's Interactive Training Arena consists of a combination of four software and hardware components which deliver advanced technology through the training solutions line from SMARTfit. These are designed to focus on measuring and training the performance of human visual-cognitive-motors at any capacity level.

The processor of SMARTfit has the power and speed to match, measure and enhance the fastest athlete while also being adaptable for early infancy and geriatric populations. This is achieved by placing participants in an interactive training arena where, by making physical contact with the sensitized target screens placed in front of and around them, they engage at their capacity level. Gamified sound, score, and a timer activity prompts them to engage with the system.

SMARTfit Controller:

Delivers a wide variety of interactive games, engaging players at the intensity of real life or actual competition in physical and cognitive activities. It can match the most rapid human performance while interacting with as many as 128 target screens.

Target Screens:

Touch sensitized target screens display visual indications with which players interact by performing physical, motor , and cognitive skills / tasks to achieve a score. There is simultaneous tracking of their speed , accuracy, and reaction time.

Sensing System:

Adjusts the level of strike from light to heavy to accommodate the tactile range of individual players, and is effective in training accuracy, proprioception and contact management.

User Interface:

Operators interact with the equipment via the user friendly interface of SMARTfit's iOS / Android. Here they can set up clients, select, design and input customized programs, run the equipment, measure progress, and generate progress reports and baselines. The secure SMARTfit App, soon to be on the Cloud, is also the interface for connecting with other professionals and key opinion leaders.

SMARTfitOS allows the creation of content that can scale from low cognitive using sensitized targets featuring colors and shapes to high cognitive memory, spelling and math games, all delivered while engaging participants in personalized physical exercise, all designed to wake up the brain and spark the development of new neurons and physical skills. This practice , known as dual-tasking in the world of physical therapy, is rapidly becoming widely recognized for its ability to ignite neurogenesis and neuro-repair.

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