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Smart helmet' is launched by DP World Safety to detect coronavirus in the UAE.

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World Security, DP World 's security services provider, has introduced a new "Smart Helmet" designed to identify people potentially infected with COVID-19 without making any contact with them

"The new Smart Helmet is designed to ease traffic movement in its operating area whilst ensuring maximum security and safety," said the Emirates News Agency (WAM) statement.

The new tool is designed to record the body temperature in a contactless way, both for indoor and outdoor quick screenings, according to helmet designers. It can also be used to screen vehicles and passengers and to quickly recognize and verify identity.

"With the economic reopening, a new phase is now being entered in which the monitoring of possible infections in public places is imperative. The introduction of this technology, at a time when the pandemic has been underway, reaffirms the commitment of World Security to safeguard the community, "said Mohammed al-Muallem, CEO and Managing Director, DP World, UAE.

DP World, the region of the UAE, and their businesses strictly adhere to the requirements of COVID-19 programs, and we continuously work towards such new and efficient measures to ensure business continuity, "al-Muallem added.

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