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Silq - A better programming language for programming Quantum computers


Quantum computers are being easier to program: ETH Zurich 's computer scientists have created the first language of programming which can be used as simple, reliable and safe ,for the programming of quantum computers.

Programming of quantum computer

The ETH's Secure, Reliable and Intelligent System Lab (SRI) computer science professor, Mr. Martin Vechev says: "The programming of quantum computer is still a challenge for the researchers," which makes me so happy that we can continue the Zurich ETE tradition of quantum computer development and programming languages. He adds, "Silq enables programmers, because the code is more compact, faster, intuitive and easier for programmers," to exploit the potential quantum computers better than existing languages. This week, Vechev will introduce Silq to other experts in the field at the PLDI 2020, which will host a language programming conference. He and his team have also published Silq on their own website ( to encourage discussion, adoption and further development.

Over the last decade, the use of quantum computing has increased since these computers, which work according to the principles of quantum physics, have a tremendous potential. Today most researchers believe that such computers can one day solve some problems more quickly than ordinary computers, as they use interconnected quantum states, when different bits of information overlap, to perform their calculations. In order to resolve in the future problems that classic computers can not resolve efficiently in a reasonable time frame.

She has yet to prove this quantum supremacy conclusively. Recently, however, some important technical progress was made. A quantum computer was able to solve a problem – though very specific – faster than the fastest traditional computer at the end of the summer of 2019.

For some "quantum algorithms," i.e. computer strategies, it is known to be faster than classic algorithms which do not use quantum computers' . But to date, on existing quantum hardware these algorithms still can not be calculated, because quantum computers are still too vulnerable.

In addition to the latest technologies and a quantum programming language, a quantum algorithm needs to be described by the use of quantum calculation potential. A programming language usually describe the algorithm to allow a computer to perform the needed calculations. The algorithm is an algorithm to resolve an issue. Today, quantum programming languages are closely related to specific hardware, that is to say the behavior of the circuits at the bottom. These "hardware description languages" are cumbersome and error-prone for programmers since they have to be extremely detailed with each specific programming instruction and therefore describe the details necessary to implement quantum algorithms explicitly.

Computer scientists refer to computer languages which summarize high-level programming languages by the technical details of the specific computer type. Silq is the first high-level quantum computer programming language. High-level programs are more expressive, so that even complex tasks and algorithms with lower code can be described. This makes it easier for programmers to understand and use. They can be used with various computer architectures as well.

"Silq is the first programming language to automatically identify and delete unnecessary values," said Bichsel. Computers do this by using their knowledge of classical programming languages: they use only programming commands free of all quantity special operations in their automatic uncomputing processes, as Vechev and Bichsel say.

"With the combination of our various language design expertise and quantum physics and implementation, our team of four achieved the breakthrough after two years of work. It will be a great success when other research and development teams adopt our innovations," says Bichsel.

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