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Series A clubs want to restart on 13 June if the government permits

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Italy's Series A clubs have voted to restart the season at a general meeting on Wednesday, 13 June, as the government permits.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Italy's Top Flight has been stopped since March 9 and, while the government authorized teams to take collective training from next Monday, the government has not yet decided whether or not the championship can resume.

"What is concerned with the resumption of sport activities is the date of 13 June for the resumption of the championship ... According to medical protocols for the protection of players and all participants, "said Series A in a statement.

Series A said that the clubs also called upon holders of broadcasting rights to "comply with the payment deadlines set in the contracts so as to maintain a constructive relationship."

Series A still has 12 matching rounds and several outstanding matches from previous rounds. Juventus ranks one point from Lazio, while Juventus ranks Lecce, SPAL and Brescia.

The main challenge is how to deal with a positive test.

The FIGC says that it would suffice to isolate the affected player so long as the rest of the squad remains negative.

The health ministry insists that the entire team would go into a quarantine of 14 days which would mean that matches are postponed and could wreak havoc if players on a number of teams test positively.

Earlier, the Italian Senate had been informed by Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora that the government was taking its time.

"If (Series A) is to resume, as all of us hope, that will be because, after an orderly succession of actions and protocols, we have come to this decision," he said. "It is not possible in an irresponsible hurry to decide."

"Football is by nature a sport where distance can not be kept, players have to run and settle in the penalty area," he added.

"The underestimation of this issue led to the quarantine of various Series A teams a couple of weeks ago. We don't want to be in this situation.

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