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Series A clubs, players question govt. Policy on Quarantine

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The attempt to resume series A went into trouble on Thursday, as the AIC criticised the government's quarantine policy towards the players and the league said that it attempted to find a practical way to implement the rules.

The Series A clubs on Wednesday voted on 13 June to set a date for the league's resumption, suspended since 9 March as the result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The key point is that if a player tests positively, the entire squad of his club must go into a 14-day quarantine.

This would mean that matches would be postponed and the fixture list could be devastated if players in a number of teams tested positively.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) says it suffices to isolate the player concerned, so long as the rest of the group is negative.

The teams, including coaching and support staff, also have to train for two weeks in solitary training camps before they can restart, but there is confusion about how this works.

Giuseppe Marotta, Chief Executive Officer of Inter Milan, said that the government protocol was not practical.

"We simply wouldn't be able to enter the training retreat with these rules," he said. "That's why we're asking them to change, or we've got no alternative."

The AIC stated that the government policy does not seem appropriate to guarantee the end of the championship.

"There is a real risk that we will have to stop again nearly once we are back in the pitch, thereby frustrating all the efforts," it said.

Serie A said in a statement on Thursday it had a meeting between clubs and doctors "in order to find appropriate and practical solutions for the implementation of instructions received from the Government, with special reference to group quarantine."

He said he hoped to discuss "to reach a protocol that we can share" with the government.

Earlier, Giovanni Malago, head of the Italy Olympic Committee (CONI), said Rai believed a "99% chance" Series A could start on June 13.

Series A still has 12 matching rounds plus several exceptional games which have been postponed from previous rounds. Juventus is one point leader from Lazio, while the relegation places are occupied by Lecce, SPAL and Brescia.

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