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Senior Vice President Operations Apple COVID-19 response plans

Image:- Apple COVID-19 response plans

Senior Vice President of Operations Sabih Khan from Apple explained how the company is planning to ensure its global supply chain health and safety in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic.

On Thursday in the annual Provider Responsibility Progress Report of Apple, the new safety guidelines were revealed. It opens with a public letter from Khan that gives supply chain partners worldwide information on how the company provides protection for workers in factories and factories during the coronavirus crisis.

Khan said the 2020 report is a 'view back' of past sustainability and security efforts, but it also includes actions taken by Apple to 'address the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19.'

"We worked with our suppliers from the outset to develop and implement a plan that puts people's health first," Khan wrote. "Thousands of Apple staff have worked tirelessly in partnership with our suppliers worldwide to implement this plan."

Some measures taken by Apple in the supply chain include health inspections, the use of personal protective equipment, the granting of masks and sanitizers to all employees and the promotion of social distancing and density at work.

Furthermore, Apple's facilities now feature refurbished and redesigned floor plans in factories if necessary and more flexible hours for the above-mentioned measures. The company also said that it shares its health and safety plans with others to help create better protection for workers throughout the industry.

Apple also contains some of the usual details in its annual report. The company has now fully integrated the Zero Waste programme, suppliers committed to zero-waste practises have increased 53% annually and saved nearly 30,5 billion gallons of freshwater to date.

Apple produced the 2020 report based on interviews with 52,000 supply chain workers. In 2019, suppliers in 49 countries were also audited, up from 30 the year before.

"We've never done our work in protecting people and the planet - but we've never been more confident that our most beautiful days are yet ahead," Khan wrote.

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