Samsung's first 5 G tablet is new Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

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The new Galaxy Tab S7 tablet now available as an 11-inch or a 12.4inch version with 5 G connection is available from Samsung which will allow to compete with the Apple iPad Pro.

Two new tablets were launched by SamSung, the Galaxy Tab S7 and the Tab S7 Plus, which are also the first 5G-capable tablets in the new model Plus.

This time, Samsung has introduced two sizes for its first-spec tablet as the successor to the Galaxy Tab S6, which allows you to choose a standard 11-inch Galaxy Tab S7 or the larger 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7 plus.

Can you ask why? Samsung wants people who look at the Apple iPad Pro models that are available in either 11 "or 12.9" The Galaxy Tab S7 also works on a stylet that can be mounted magnetically on the back of the shelf for storage just like the one on the Galaxy Tab S6. The productivity clavier and safety cases can be used for all purposes. Both have smoother 120 Hz refresh speeds, competing with the 120 Hz refresh rate of Apple ProMotion.

For his two new tablets, Samsung has opted to use the quickest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. As in the new Galaxy Note 20 phones, the Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and the 6 GB of RAM ensure that they have the power to easily control One UI 2.0 software. Samsung also updated the tablet software with various modifications, including a multi-tasking feature that will simultaneously run up to three apps.

The back camera system now includes a 13-mega pixel main sensor and an ultra-wide 5-megapixel second sensor. It is supported by a rear camera. Four speakers have been tuned for stereo sound by AKG.

A little while before the launch, I had the chance to see the Galaxy Tab S7 tablets. With a few key modifications, the design did not change so much from Tab S6. In the landscape orientation, instead of moving above, Samsung moved the front-facing camera to the "side" of the screen, which would make it more reliable. The body has no groove to secure the S Pen style as on the S6 tab and is completely flat instead. Consider the antenna lines on the tablet which, because of the addition of 5 G, are more prominent than before.

We are expecting U.S. prices to be confirmed. In Britain. In Britain. S7 for Wi-Fi calls costs 619 Pfund and 719 Pfund 4 G, while 799 Pfund and 999 Pound cost for the WiFi Tab S7 Plus calls. Review in a moment how many Samsung's latest tablets are going to cost and if you can get any in the United States.