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Samsung latest Galaxy watch 3 leaked

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According to documents submitted to FCC, Samsung is ready to launch the next Galaxy Watch. The Galaxy Watch 3 is confirmed by the clues found in the Samsung app.

One and a half years have passed since Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch, an intelligent clock with a rotating signature bezel that we love. In the meantime the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 have taken place and it is now rumored that a Galaxy Watch 3 is on track soon.

The device was first seen with SM-R8xx model numbers in a number of variations in the Federal Communications Commission. The Galaxy Watch name without the number attached was shown in a diagram submitted to the FCC. Now, according to sleuths from XDA developers, an image with the latest Galaxy Wearable App appears to contain a "Galaxy Watch 3" label.

The next Galaxy Watch was submitted by Samsung at the FCC to six different models. The SM-R840 and the SM-R850 are probably available in two different dimensions – 41 mm for the smaller watch and 45 mm for the bigger. Both SM-R – X and SM-R–5X versions (e.g. SM-R840X, SM-R855X) are supplied as standard. These probably represent Wi-Fi, mobile and possibly a deluxe titanium edition of each one. Samsung's 5 G connectivity is unlikely, as the power requirements would drill a wearable too fast.

Return to the branding of Galaxy Watch, which hopefully leaves a name behind the "Active," is a return to the rotating bezel that is a hallmark of wearables from Samsung since the Galaxy S2. A new electrocardiogram (CEG) sensor and blood pressure control were included in the latest Galaxy Watch Active 2, so we'd like to see those features at the nearest Galajy Watch 3. We naturally hope that Samsungs last Galaxy smartwatches will retain their strength, connectivity and the superior screen.

Samsung 's decision to miss the name of the Galaxy Watch 2 can be chattered about, but why bother? Originally Samsung's exclusive Android brand, the Galaxy Brand was running an Android version until Samsung 's device was "updated" by a new, proprietary OS. The new Galaxy Watch 3 doesn't work on Android and isn't really the third Galaxy Watch, but these aren't the most interesting things. The Galaxy was dropped to the Gear 2 and then the numbers began in the Gear S family.

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