Samsung is now introducing the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 with partnership with Microsoft

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There is still something to be done, but all indications indicate that Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be priced close to the predecessor 's nearly $2,000 list price.

If I had a dime every time I hear that sentence, I 'd be a rich man, as a long-term tech industry observer. But Samsung and his partner Microsoft showed on Wednesday's Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event that Samsung was as important as ever for thinking.

On the hardware side, most early reports on the launch of the new product focused on the imposing Note 20 handset family, the S7 Tab Tablet, the Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch and the flab berry Galaxy Buds Live earbuds, all in their copper-like Mystic Bronze colour.

It was the next generation, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, of its original fold-able smartphone. I have read rumours about the possible revelation of this next version, since I was a long-term fan of the first (good technically revised 'second' version) Galaxy Fold and wanted to see whether they addressed the concerns of the first version.

Although the final evidence has yet to be received, Samsung certainly looked not only to address problems, but he handled the job with aplomb. The new full-size 6.2-inch front, fold-able, glass-capacitance, enlarged 7.6-inch middle screen with a refreshing rate of 120Hz, small hole-punch camera, integrated 5 G modems, and enhanced adjustable pin design, create a device with nearly anything that could be wanted by a fold-able phone user. I can't wait for one. I can't wait to try one.

We will all need to wait a bit longer unfortunately, because the company was actually just tearing the unpacked device. He promised for Sept. 1 that all details (and pre-order) would be unveiled in full. This date will also probably confirm that for this second generation device Samsung could not fix one: the price.

The details are yet to be found, but all signs indicate that the Galaxy Z Fold2 is priced near the predecessor's almost $2,000 list price. It's obviously not a phone for everybody, especially in a devastated pandemic economy. However, if you want a 5 G smartphone and tablet to fit into a single slick device, you won't have another choice like this literally.

Software partners, both on the productivity and gaming sides, have clearly bloomed in Samsung's and Microsoft's partnership (previously unveiled at the launch event of last year). The two companies demonstrated strongly enhanced integration between Windows 10 PCs, Microsoft 365 productivity suite, and all the new Android smartphones from Samsung during that year's event.

In addition, from Sept. 15, Xbox games will be connected to Note20 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 owners by a new connection between Samsung phones and Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service. (It's also offering a special Note20 gaming bundle including a gaming controller that holds your phone and a cloud-based gaming service subscription lasting several months.)

The smartphone-to-PC integration announced by the two companies is especially interesting as it enables the combination of Windows 10 PCs and Android smartphones to be as smooth and smooth as Apple can use on iPhones , iPads and Macs, in a number of respects.

More impressive though, is that two different companies are able to implement these capabilities through several unique operating systems of devices.

The new integration also allows you to execute Android apps (initially one but eventually several simultaneously) directly on your PC, and not only to view and answer text and notices of your new Samsung phone with the Microsoft Your Phone app. So, while you've been working on your PC, you can easily check your social networks or other apps you use regularly on your phone.

It has also announced that Samsung Notes are integrated and synchronised with OneNote, Outlook to-do lists are coordinated and teams are back to Samsung Recall apps on your phone, or even Outlook emails can be viewed on a Galaxy Watch 3. Furthermore, although the event is technically Samsung-specific, the event included a demo that highlights the ability to perform wireless Windows desktop experience on a nearby large-screen TV with Samsung's Dex from your Samsung phone.

All in all, the level of integration and co-engineering across both companies is pretty impressive, reflecting how individuals are and will want to continue to use their devices.

It is pretty obvious that if we consider where technology is headed, we will be in a world where people have different devices with different types and screens, running several operating systems, but all of them must work together as a system to enable us to play and work as simple as possible. Samsung and Microsoft are both on the way through the unpacked demonstration and event. It will be interesting to see how the tech market is moving forward with this powerful combination.