Samsung Electronics launched its new Bespoke customizable fridge

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Samsung Electronics has launched its new Bespoke refrigerator, which allows customers to modify their own patterns by material, color and component in order to compete with a variety of routines and internal design concepts. The refrigerator is launched in select markets around the world, after initial start in China, Europe.

Eugene Chung Vice President of Digital Appliances Samsung Electronics said that "Samsung is creating new kitchen innovations with Bespoke by catering to individual preferences across a wide range of consumer lifestyles," adding that "through our aspiring Bespoke refrigerator, we are excited to provide consumers around the world with the opportunity to meet their lifestyle needs."

The array contains three models including a 24-inch, 1-door module, a one-door 18-inch module and a two-door BMF unit.

If you've ever thought the same old stainless steel refrigerator isn't for you, take a look at Samsung BESPOKE. It's part of a new category of Samsung custom home appliances and you can choose your size, add another compartment if you need more space, choose your favorite color and finish and even customize the functions.

Homes are getting smaller but it doesn't mean you can't have your refrigerator of choice just because space is an issue. With a Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator, you can choose your own size and configuration to fit perfectly into the space available to you.

The BESPOKE lineup has 8 sizes including 4-door stand-alone, 2-door BMP with upper refrigerator and lower freezer, and 1-door refrigerator or 1-door freezer. If you choose a 1-door or 2-door unit, if you have more space or if you need more storage, you can always add another section.

Flex Zone allows you to decide whether to use the compartment as a fridge or as a freezer. With that flexibility, your compartment can be seamlessly switched based on need. If it's berry season and you want to freeze and store fruit or you've stocked up on the family's pre-made dinners, having a Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator means you 're always going to get organized and have enough room.