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Ryan Gosling enters Universal's monster will see in Wolfman movie


Another classic monster Universal brought back to the large screen: the Wolfman. The project aimed at Ryan Gosling as a starring vehicle.

As per Variety, who reported the news first, the last take on the famous horror character will be made today. It is also described that Gosling will play an anchorman, infected, sources told THR, which has a similar atmosphere to Jake Gyllenhaal 2014 thriller "Nightcrawler."

On the basis of the original pitch of Gosling the script was written by Lauren Shucker Blum, wife of Jason Blum and Rebecca Angelo, writer of "Orange is the New Black." There is no director associated with this project at this time. However, Variety Universal managers have met with directors over the last month.

In 1941 the monster was played by the Lon Chaney Jr. in the 1941's "The Wolf Man." It was not rebuilt until 2010, when the Wolfman starried Benicio del Toro. Gosling's "Wolfmann" became the last resurgent, with the legendary "Universal character," which original in 1935's "Werewolf of London."

The first film to be released by the studio marks the revamping of its monster universe, The Invisible Man, the new 'Wolfman' is the success. Elisabeth Moss, the horror thrill produced by Blumhouse, earned in the global box office over $122million and was hit by VOD after the theaters shut their doors due to the global pandemic.

The catalog includes the classical Dracula monsters, the mummy, the Frankenstein, the Black Lagoon Creature and others. In addition to "Wolfman," as per the Hollywood Reporter, there have been several monster-films in works, including "The Invisible Women" by Elizabeth Banks, "Renfield" Dracula flick by Dexter Fletcher, "Dark Army" by Paul Feig, and the "Dracula" by Karyn Kusama.

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