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Researchers develop new tech for produce high-quality mask from plastic waste

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Researchers at IIT Mandi claim to have developed a technology which uses waste pet bottles to produce high-efficiency masks not only more breathable than commercially available masks but can also be washed and reused up to 30 times.

India-New Delhi, June 7 IIT Mandi researchers believe to have created a technology for high-efficiency masks who are not only more durable but also more valuable than waste pet bottles.

A patent on filter membrane technology based on the spinning was also filed by the team from the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi for waste plastic bottles.

The scientists shredded plastic waste bottles and dissolved the pieces by combining solvents and nanofibers from the solution.

The team has used waste plastic bottles for developing a single thin, non-woven membrane with the desired efficiency in particulate filtration, aligned with the N95 respirator and a medical mask, according to Sumit sinha Ray, IIT's Assistant Professor Mandi

The team claimed that masks would only need a standard hygiene measures to follow a separate protocol for their disposal.

The highest single-day rates in India of COVID-19 cases were recorded for the fifth consecutive day on Sunday, with an increase of 9,971 new infections in India to 2,46,628.

In the last 24 hours since Saturday morning, the country has recorded 287 deaths.

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