Reddit App is suspected for reading users data, revealed by Apple IOS 14.

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Before it was TikTok,linkedIn and now its Reddit suspected that it also reading users clipboard Data. Also, Mr Morton has posted a video to Twitter showing the Reddit application showing the same worrying behaviour, the same developer that saw the LinkedIn app accessing his clipboard data with each keystroke.

The new feature of upcoming IOS 14 , warns the user when the text of the Apple clipboard is accessed via another application. This revealed that TikTok used to copy users data from thier clipboard, As we know that Tik Tok is now beeing uninstalled by lots of people allover the world .A total of 53 apps accessed the clipboard data during initiation, but with a couple of keystrokes, TikTok was dipping into data.

TikTok responded quickly and informed the world that no clipboard data were received or stored and that functionality had been disabled by an app update from June 27.

While Morton also found that LinkedIn was involved with capturing "every keystroke" of clipboard data, Erran Berger, Vice President of Consumer Product Engineering, quickly responded. Berger said in a tweet that the code path carried out a "equality check" between the contents of the clipboard and that it was typed in a LinkedIn text box.

When I approached LinkedIn, a spokesperson told me in an email that "equality check is an openly referenced term, so we have nothing to add." Berger however tweeted that an arrangement would go live which stops com portability.

A spokesman for Reddit told he had tracked their behavior up to the "post composer who checks the URLs on the Clipboard and then suggests a post title based on the URL's text content." Reddit also said that it will not store or send Clipboard contents and a fix on the app will be released on July 14, removing the code.

It is surprising, perhaps, that the beta release of iOS 14 has taken so long for these privacy-implicated behaviours. Two developers of the app, Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk, explained back on February 24 how they found the system Clipboards to pass information about the locations. "With this vulnerability Apple informed us that they do not see a problem," the pair said.

You can only wonder what application is next caught browsing in the clipboard data? Now is perhaps the time for every developer of the app to check that the privacy and news headlines will not be issued tomorrow ...