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Radical iPhone Upgrade of Apple Insider controversies

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A top Apple Insider weighed up what we might expect from Apple in 2021 with quite different ideas.

Recent arguments about the specifications of 'iPhone 13' Apple may have left us scratching our heads, and now a top Apple Insider has weighed in on what we can expect of Apple in 2021 with quite different ideas.

The surprising earlier claims by Jon Prosser were denied that next year's Apple flagship would feature a new, all-new high-megapixel camera, which it would simply not be "real." Prosser continues to say the rear layout will remain "the same as iPhone 12" for Apple's new flagship next year.

A huge jump in megapixel resolution, an anamorphic lens and an incredibly large, ultrawide camera are what would represent a radical deviation from the anticipated iPhone 12 specification among other features.

The revelation from Prosser will be a remedy for everyone who would otherwise be forced to skip the iPhone release this year in anticipation of a hugely upgraded iPhone 13 camera in the coming year.

The iPhone 12 camera is currently being built to provide an exciting upgrade.

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