Python is now the second most popular language for programming

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Java is not one of the top two locations on RedMonk 's popularity list for the first time since 2012.

The Python programming language is now the second most popular, knocking Java out of the top two places in RedMonk 's popularity rankings for the first time.

Java is not one from the top two languages most popular in the list of programming language popularity of the developer analyst company since 2012. The previous rankings of the company in March placed Python in a tie to Java, behind JavaScript.

Python is the leader in electrical engines and Java Script, followed by Java, C , C++ and JavaScript, while C, Java , Python and C # are ranking in Tiobe's July. IEEE Spectrum 's recent rankings are published last week.

RedMonk is based on GitHub and Stake Overflow data, which are the leading programming rankings. RedMonk Analyst, Stephen O'Grady, says "the company combines them for a ranking that attempts to reflect the traction of both the code (GitHub) and the discussion (Stack overflow).

While the rankings of RedMonk in June 2020 show little change compared to the March list, O'Grady believes that in this edition Python is the big winner simply because he has not moved from second place, while Java is one of the biggest winners.

"Python is the first non-Java or JavaScript language ever to be classed as a" first resort language "and in the past it was never a clear choice," notes O'Grady, comparing Perl in his day as a "first resort language" and "glue" for thousands of small projects while still having a high level of adoption in growing classes liked. al lthough for the first time in almost a decade, Java is out of the top two, O'Grady believes it's wrong to write it off. However, he considers that the prominence of Java is under threat as developers focus more on other languages.

Rust, created by Mozilla, has reached a more positive milestone for five-year old systems programming language and is for a first time the 20th most popular of the RedMonk's rankings. Rust is currently on 18th place, joining Tiobe 's top 20 this June. Rust is used in various ways to build platforms rather than to develop applications by Apple, Amazon, DropBox, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. For its memory security features, Microsoft in particular sees value in a language.

In the last five years, Rust has seen an equally impressive growth with the language Google endorses for write Android apps, Kotlin. Rust was 48th overall at that time, while Kotlin was now 19th overall, half a decade ago, the 68th most popular language. But since the last rankings, the position of Kotlin has not changed.

Tiobe submitted in July a theory that R as a result of the universities and the health industry racing to find a vaccine for COVID-19, statistical programming became increasingly popular. In the field of data science, Tiobe previously suggested that R could be squeezed out by Python. With 13th place the current RedMonk ranking for R is unchanged. The super set of JavaScript for large projects, the 9th most popular programming language in RedMonk rankings, was also retained by Microsoft-backed TypeScript. The question now is if it will drop out of the top ten, as did Apple-backed Swift – it is 11th – or if it will join the top five programming languages.

"Prior languages, such as Swift, have shown that it's definitely possible to achieve a high standard but that sustaining it is a completely different and often more complex challenge. However, TypeScript managed this trick to achieve it with a minimum of effort, its special mix of JavaScript ubiquities, the optional type security and the use of popular projects like VS code.

"The question for TypeScript, as it was during the last run, is what the language has as its potential ceiling, will it rise to the back of half of the top ten, or can it push the top 5?