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PS5 : PlayStation 5 heart-stopping console is simply amazing

Image:- Playstaion 5 console

The Sony PlayStation 5 will be a pixel-pushing powerhouse when it hits store shelves this winter holiday season, with the new console delivering a powerful mix of next-gen hardware and epic new PS5 games to play. When it comes to taking the fight to the Xbox Series X already unveiled, the PS5 is wading into battle with a stacked armor.

Now, though, in this brand-new PS5 video, we've just got our best look at how beautiful PlayStation 5 could be. Watch the video below to see the full system:

The PS5 concept design here is courtesy of VR4Player, which has published a number of articles with design videos reporting on the latest PlayStation 5 leaks and rumors. Each design has been interesting, but this is the most beautiful one yet. Chapeau VR4Player, the hat!

The PS5 video, which opens with a voice over from Sony's Lead System Architect Mark Cerny (taken from the recent official "The Road to PS5" deep dive), then proceeds to show a wedge-shaped PlayStation 5 console in white, black, red and (interestingly) metal colors.

There are also some lovely details in the design. As part of the two-tone aesthetic console, there are strips of square, triangle, circle and cross PlayStation button patterns running across the machine, while the remarkable V-shape shown on the PS5 dev kit is also retained when the system is viewed top down.

What's particularly cool in terms of design features is that the PlayStation 5 also has a top plate removal, which hides a cooling turbine-style system underneath (we think every gamer can get away with Sony kicking things upside down in terms of cooling efficiency and noise).

In terms of ports, the PS5 is shown to come with a brace of HDMI ports, a digital optical port, as well as a network connector and a choice of USB ports. They are joined at the back of the console by a dedicated SSD bay, which allows the drive to be upgraded.

We're also looking at some games that could run on the console, as well as how the new DualSense controller would be paired with it. Finally, we can see how the next-gen PS VR headset that is wireless could look and what kind of experiences it could offer.

Overall, we think this is a very well-made design for PlayStation 5. We like the fact that the shape of the system remains true to the PS5 dev kit, but it does so while looking a lot, a lot better. Slim, stylish and loaded with advanced features - it's the kind of package we'd bite our own arm off to grab.

Let's hope, finally, that we'll get to see the real PlayStation 5 console design up close soon, as this latest PS5 video has just made our appetite for the next-gen console even stronger.