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PlayStation Plus Games Rumors: Gamers Petition Sony To Change Freebies May 2020

Image:-PlayStation Plus members unhappy with May 2020 free offers

People who are confined to their homes have little to do though some people find some resolve by playing video games. Some are members of a subscription to Sony's PlayStation Games, allowing them to play some free games every month. Unfortunately the most disappointed were the PlayStation Plus Games for May 2020.

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Sony had announced her PlayStation Plus Games for May just recently. Among the games members could try for free are "Cities: Skyline" and "Farming Simulator." Members were unhappy with these simulation games and are now calling on Sony to change them. Most have signed a petition, calling on the firm to consider changing the titles of the game. You can find that petition in here.

Some fans might have been disappointed, because they were expecting something else, according to Game Rant. The PlayStation Plus Games for May had leaks offering hint that it would be "Dark Souls" and "Dying Light" would be the free game titles to be offered. Unfortunately, those were not the ones that Sony had revealed, and many are left disgruntled.

The number of people signing the petition is increasing but it is best to note that this is no assurance that Sony will change the games offered. There's a slim chance Sony will change one or both of the above mentioned games for its May PlayStation Plus Games. Before that there was an instance where Sony had in the past replaced "PES 2019" with "Detroit: Become Human" While critics claim it was because the reception on "PES 2019" was poor, it was never explained why the change was made.

Whether Sony will give up on the request remains to be seen. If ever, the closest might be changing at least one of the names mentioned for May's PlayStation Plus Games. For now, members can go on enjoying the April free games. That includes "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" and "Dirt Rally 2.0." Last Apr. 7, both titles went live and will lapse on May 4. Unless changes are announced before then, all PS players can look forward to a few simulation games being played with for now.