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PlayStation 5 event has been postponed by Sony


In addition to the protests about George Floyd 's death, Sony postponed the planned Playstation 5 Live event that was to be held on Thursday.

"While we understand that the gaming comunities and gamers are excited about seeing PS5 games, we don't think it is time to celebrate right now, and at present we want to be standing back and letting more important voices be heard." was said on monday by sony

No new date for the lifetime event was given by Sony. On Monday also, the official Twitter PlayStation account denounced the black community for racism and violence.

"We will continue to work for a future of empathy and inclusion and we will stand up to our black designers, players, staff, families and friends.

Floyd, 46, was a black, unarmed man who died while the white police officer Derek Chauvin handcuffed, pinned him to the ground. The officer whose knee was placed over Floyd 's neck was fired from his job and accused of murder of the third degree and of second degree homicide. The officer was fired. The event triggered nationwide protests.

New games were to be played and show cased on the live stream. defining how the new Play Station 5 would handle them with high quality imaging and FPS.

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