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Players in the Premier League should have the right to refuse return: Sordell

Image:- Premier League

The Premier League must consider all players' personal situation and understand their right to refuse a return to action when the novel coronavirus stalled season resumes, former Watford forward Marvin Sordell has said.

Since mid-March, professional soccer has been suspended because of coronavirus, which has infected more than 186,000 people in Britain, killing more than 28,000 people.

Last week, the 20 Premier League clubs held a conference call where they looked at plans to resume training this month but deferred making a decision to resume the season until the government gave the go-ahead.

Sordell said there may still be reservations from some players.

"Some people will live alone and have no responsibilities in that sense, or those fears that they may pass on the virus to someone else if they contract it on their own," Sordell, who retired last summer, told the Press Association.

"And that's fine, they're going to be eager to play and not have to worry about some things. Other players will live with their parents, or they are the only means of getting food from their parents.

"Their partners may be pregnant or may have young children and some may have underlying health conditions. Some players may have health conditions that underlie them themselves.

"I think all those accounts need to be taken in, because you don't need a situation where you're forcing people to go back or they don't want to do anything."

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