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PGA Tour recommends that participants test COVID-19 before participating in events


While the COVID-19 test is a condition of competition when the PGA Tour resumes next week, home testing is not required "strongly encouraged," as per a Monday resource guide issued by the competitors before traveling to a tournament.

A daily questionnaire and temperature readings are part of the self-screening process. Any participant who tests positively in a tournament receives a PGA Tour scholarship only if they have taken a test at home and tested negative before their trip.

"We know without a vaccine that all risks, at work or in our everyday lives can not be mitigated. The plan that we are implementing is designed to minimize the risks to the greatest extent possible, "said Jay Monahan, PGA Tour Commissioner.

The PGA Tour, sleeping since 12 March, is coming back to action next week at Fort Worth, Texas' Colonial Country Club. The top five golfers in the world headline the closed field at the 11-14 June tournament.

In a matter of hours, the PGA Tour hopes to deliver results, and players will have access to practice areas while awaiting the results.

Once a negative test result has been received, a bracelet or lanyard will be released which gives players access to the locker room and clubhouse.

When an entry to a tournament is denied because of the positive test COVID-19, your doctor must provide you with medical clearance before you can participate in future PGA Tour events.

"When each of you is committed to following the directives outlined, it will not succeed in this plan," Monahan said.

"This begins by taking the appropriate safeguards at home, such as social distancing and good hygiene, and then bringing them back to competition."

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