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Paul Pogba I never even knew who Graeme Souness was

Image from:-(Mike Egerton/PA)

Midfielder of Manchester United Paul Pogba claimed that he did not know who was his long-term critic Graeme Souness.

In the role of the Scot as a Sky Sports pundit, Pogba has been a regular target for Souness, with the attitude of France international often questioned.

The 27-year-old, whose season was restricted to just eight injury-related appearances, said he took little notice of the criticism and did not know who the former Liverpool midfielder was.

"I didn't even know who he really was," Pogba told the podcast in the United States. "I heard that he was a great player and that sort of stuff. I know that face but the name [not].

"Like I said I'm not someone who's watching a lot of [punditry], I'm watching a lot of football, but I'm not staying after the game listening to what they're saying or why they've done that. I like to focus on football. "On Tuesday morning, Souness, who won three European Cups, five league titles and three League Cups while she was with Liverpool, responded to Pogba on Sky Sports News.

He said: "I'm so happy. It comes to mind the oldest football saying: 'Put your medals on the table.' I've got a big table. "Pogba, France's World Cup winner, hasn't played since Boxing Day after foot surgery, but that didn't stop him from being a media topic.

The former Juventus midfielder has been linked to a move away from Old Trafford whenever the transfer window reopened and is frequently asked about his future at press conferences, despite his long-term injury.

For now, Pogba is taking it all on the chin, but admits he might want to meet the people who are so critical of him.

"I do not think they're missing me, don't I? I'm not someone who looks at Sky Sports News at all times, "Pogba said of continued attention to him.

"When I look at it again after the games I watch the game, not the comments. You don't need someone to tell you what is going on when you know football.

"I might meet them [the critics] one day and ask them, because I really want to know why. I'm recovering, I can be somewhere else and hear something but I'm just recovering, you know?

"If they want to speak they are allowed to speak, to speak is their job. I am accustomed to that now. I'm really used to it, it doesn't bother me. "It's good to hear good things instead of bad things but you know yourself when you play football. Your manager and team-mates want this, the rest is just talking. I believe it is selling stuff.'