Passing samsung, oneplus has regained its throne in india's smartphone market

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OnePlus is back in the leading smartphone market in India. Thanks to phones such as OnePlus 8, Apple and Samsung have been eclipsed.

Counterpoint Research has found that OnePlus had just snapped Samsung in the second quarter of 2020 to claim the largest share of premium pricing (over Rs 30 000 or $400), snapping 29% of the space compared with just under 29% on Samsung.

It's a small difference, but it's not a significant feat if OnePlus is still a relative newcomer and a niche brand in most parts of the world.

The OnePlus 8 serial played an important part in the comeback, not surprisingly. Design and performance "attracted the attention of consumers," says Counterpoint.

while the ability of OnePlus to cultivate a loyal fan base has also helped.

The researchers said that Apple had sunk to the third in the country, although the ultra-premium segment (more than Rs 45,000 or $600) dominated with a share of 42%. The number of telephones was also highest in the top five.

The top three places were OnePlus 8, Vivo V19, and Samsung Galaxy A71, while the other places were filled by iPhone SE and iPhone 11. Now that Apple makes the device locally, and could cut the price, the iPhone 11 can take a share.

Contra-point emphasised that these phones were just a small Indian sliver. Only slightly more than 4 percent of Smartphone shipments in the country - the overwhelming majority of customers buy budget equipment.

No wonder OnePlus is therefore aimed at Nord budget purchasers. Although it can be glad to govern the premium phone space, a huge potential audience has not been ignored to date.