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Over 80 million 5G Chips would be shipped by MediaTek this year.


MediaTek will be taking on approximately 40% of the global market, By shipping more than 80 million 5G chips worldwide this year.

40% of the world wide 5G mobile stock market will be flooded by Mediatek in 2020. According to DigiTimes, more than 80 million 5 G mobile chipsets expected to be shipped worldwide this year.

The figures show that this year's global 5 G smartphone shipments are set to reach 200 million. This volume of sales had already been estimated by MediaTek. This year chipmaker predicts that China will absorb more than 100-120 billion 5 G smartphones.This year Huawei is expected to be its largest customer.

This year there is 300% of increase in the orders for MediaTek chipsets.

5G was released in the year 2019. The demand has increased a lot in this year. in the world of smart phones the year 2020 will be called as the year of 5G.

The continuing COVID-19 pandemic reduced the progress a little but 5G coverage is continuing to grow in this year. MediaTek saw the opportunity in this segment and came back to the mobile SoC flagship market at the end of last year.

This year, MediaTek fights the world leader Qualcomm. Samsung and Huawei also manufacture their own mobile in-house SoCs, but mostly on their own devices. Samsung's Exynos chips power a couple of phones from other OEMs.

Then the Taiwanese chipmaker will mainly compete against Qualcomm to provide OEMs with 5 G chips worldwide. It would be an important driver for growth of the company if it were to achieve the expected figure of 80 million shipments.

later this year, Qualcomm is due to succeed a Snapdragon 865. competing Dimensity 1000 + from MediaTek. Seeing who is at the top will be interesting.

It is rumored that MediaTek and Qualcomm will both be introducing 5G chips in entry level later this year. So it is only a matter of time before 5G connectivity on mobile phones becomes standard, at least in certain markets.

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