Orocobre Lithium Manufacturer Working in direct Extraction technology with EnergyX

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In order to promote sustainable development and innovation in the lithium mining sector, Orocobre Limited and Energy Exploration Technologies Inc. (EnergyX) has signed a Letter of Intent on working together to implement direct lithium extraction (DLE) technologies. Increased worldwide demand and more efficient electric vehicles.

A projected exponential increase in demand for lITION was a consequence of the rising demand of electric vehicles worldwide and a more efficient energy system. This trend has given firms like EnergyX the chance to introduce DLE technologies to improve the efficiency, sustainability and economic efficiency in lithium production.

Orocobre is an Australian lithium- and borax extraction mineral resource company. It is a leading global supplier of lithium carbonate and a renowned boron manufacturer. Across the Argentine Lithium Triangle is operations, where in more than 20 years the company established the first large-scale lithium de novo salt-based project.

In 2018, Orocobre added 25 000 tons a year (tpa) of production capacity for lithium carbonate, bring ant full manufacturing and capacity for sale to the industrial, technical and battery markets for up to 42,500 tpa lithium carbonate, placing Orocobre among the largest and lowest cost producer of lithium chemicals in the world.

EnergyX is a technology company based in the United States focusing on lithium extraction and energy storage systems for solid state batteries.

Lithium-Ion Separation and Transport (LiTAS), a proprio technology from EnergyX derives from nano particles of metal organic frames that can select to separate monovalent ions like lithium from other ionics in high salinity mixture, and maintain stability under a host of conditions. Lithium-Ion Transport and Separation (LiTAS)

The LiTAS mixed membranes (MMMs), consist of polymers and MOF mixtures in order to maintain the attractive selectivity of MOF and the mechanical properties of polymers that are scalable and robust. The proprietary scalable casting method EnergyX has been developed and patented to combine MOF nano particles in a thin film format with polymers to create the mixed matrix membranes.

The lithium recovery rate of continuous process is ~90% and can operate with a salinity rate of 20-40%.