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OpenAI will begin the sale of its text generation technology and Reddit will be one of the first customers

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OpenAI's first commercial product has been announced by the artificial intelligence research laboratory, an accessible text-generation GPT-3 version. Unknown pricing, but AI Dungeon and Reddit are early customers.

The OpenAI research laboratory has announced its first commercial product, an AI-text generation system which the outfit warned earlier that it would be too dangerous to share, with a view to mitigating the potential harm of artificial intelligence.

The work on text generation by OpenAI was highly applauded by the lab 's publication in February last year of the GPT-2 text generator. The project has been widely regarded as a major step forward. Users can input every GPT-2 text prompt - several lines of a song, a brief story and even a scientific paper - and the software will continue to write, to some degree matching style and content.

OpenAI initially limited the disclosure of GPT-2 for system concerns, such as mass generation of fake news or Spam, to be used for malicious purposes. He then published the entire code and declared that he had "no substantial evidence of misuse." This year he announced a more advanced, 100-fold larger version of the system called GPT-3, which has now become his first commercial product.

Invitation-only access to the GPT-3 API is priced and undecided. Even for OpenAI itself, it is not clear exactly how the system can be utilized. The API could be used to increase the smoothness of chatbots, to create new games and more.

AI text machines like GPT-3 work by analyzing a large bunch of texts and predicting which letters and words are commonly used. This sounds like a simple approach to learning, but it creates extremely flexible and diversified software. A variety of tools, from chat bots to text dungeon generators, were, for instance, used for GPT-2. And because it learns how to generate data simply by looking for past patterns, the correct training means that it can also be used to play chess and solve math problems.

To date, OpenAI says about a dozen users are in the GPT-3 API. This includes Algolia the search provider that uses the API to better understand the language search questions of the natural language; Koko the mental health platform that is used to analyze users when the crisis is occurring; and Replica which creates "AI compañeros."

OpenAI says that it takes things slowly and looks at malicious applications before it makes the API available to everyone as with the initial launch of GPT-2. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, said to Bloomberg, "I'm not sure how much time this will take. "We 'd prefer to be too slow rather than too fast. we will face issues and we're going to learn."

The latest news of the API release is not only a milestone in the history of OpenAI as a corporation but also as a step forward for a promising field in machine learning.

While the lab was founded in 2015 as a purely non-profit company, its 2019 business model was redeployed and a profit-making company called OpenAI LP was established. The laboratories managers said it was necessary to attract investment (including $1 billion from Microsoft) needed to finance its ambitious work. However, some AI researchers criticised this move and stated that it weakens the claims of the laboratory that "the benefit of mankind is sophisticated AI."

With further steps in the field of business, many will now watch carefully how this new work line changes their research priorities.

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