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OnePlus wireless earbuds, will release in July

Image:-OnePlus wireless earbuds

OnePlus has made drastic changes over the last couple of years to its smartphone strategy. It has also entered new markets, such as smart TV production, smartphone accessories such as Bullets Wireless Z earphones, and wireless charger. To put it another way, OnePlus is currently exploring various types of products to create a better ecosystem.

In addition to the Bullets Wireless Z, which is not entirely wireless, OnePlus also works on truly wireless earbuds, according to a cryptic tweet by famous tipster Max J. The tipster also suggested that OnePlus could sometime bring its new wireless earbuds to the market in July. While we know a lot about what's inside the earbuds, the tipster has given us a glimpse of how the wireless earbuds of OnePlus will look.

The OnePlus wireless earbuds look a lot like Apple's AirPods, as you can see in the above image. However, if OnePlus succeeds in offering better sound quality and noise cancellation, the fact that the upcoming earbuds of OnePlus look similar to AirPods will not have a say in the buying decisions of customers.

It's also worth noting that wireless earbuds from OnePlus are not the official name, but many conjecture the earbuds could be officially called OnePlus Truly Wireless Earbuds or something similar.

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