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OnePlus confirmed that on July 2 it will be launching two new smart TV series.

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OnePlus challenges Xiaomi, Realme, TCL and others with two new smart television series at the entry and intermediate level.

On 2 July, OnePlus confirmed that two new smart TV series will be launched. On Twitter, OnePlus founder and chief executive officer Pete Lau announced the announcement, followed by an official company press release.

"In a release that was sent to Android Authority, OnePlus smart TVs are intended to bring a premium experience in the mid-screen as well as the entry-level Smart TV segments in India across various screen sizes."

Before, OnePlus started its first series of televisions - OnePlus TV 55 Q1 and OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Pro - starting in India at Rs 69,900 (~$925). In our top-of-the-line OnePlus TV review , we found that Xiaomi offers too much in India as compared to smart TVs. Looks like OnePlus has received this feedback and plans to reduce the entry point for its smart TVs drastically.

OnePlus will enter the mass market smart TV segment in India, a report written in the Economic Times (ET), in which it will compete with Xiaomi, Realme, TCL and other people. The OnePlus TV series will begin at about Rs 15,000 (~$198) in India. Their new mid-range TVs are priced between Rs 20 000 and Rs 40,000, as stated in the same report (~$264 to ~$529).

OnePlus said the launch of its new television line is part of a "revamped global business strategy" which "is aimed at providing users with an enhanced and more accessible ecosystem experience."

These observations are in line with the recent words of OnePlus CEO on the supply of less expensive products. He noted (although of course) that the demand for products with more affordable prices is still high and that we can not agree on anything more. OnePlus itself has actually built its foundation by offering accessible flagships before moving over the years into the premium segment.

As long as the new OnePlus TVs could see the brand coming back to its monetary value, everyone now looks at OnePlus Z and how the midrange smartphone segment is going to spicy up. OnePlus is definitely on the right track if its new, cheaper products hit consumers, particularly in India, more market share than Xiaomi's.

In the interim, the company is hosting a live stream at 7 pm IST (9:30 am ET) on July 2 if you want to catch the launch of new OnePlus tvs. It should be streamed through OnePlus' Indian social handles and its website in India.v

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