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On June 17, the Premier League resume, For neutral venues, there is also an action plan.


The Premier League, which is due to resume on 17 June, states that their objective is to play the remaining games at home and away from home but that they have an action plan for neutral venues.

The UK government's first suggestion was to play closed door matches in neutral venues, but some clubs opposed that idea-views put forward by the League for the government.

Select games, like Merseyside's derby between Everton and Liverpool, could still be held in neutral places, although most meetings take place at home / abroad, have been reported in some media.

"The ambition of the Premier League is to fill all our rest home and away this season, as far as possible," said the league in a Friday declaration.

"We work with our clubs to ensure that risk is evaluated and minimized while cooperating with local and national police forces.

"There have been good and ongoing discussions with the National Police Chiefs Council and the UK Football Police Unit. We are ready for all results and have a neutral site contingency, "concluded the statement.

Richard Masters, Chief Executive of Premier League, told Sky Sports News: "In the following seven to ten days we'll get a clearer picture but hope that the amount of games (neutral) is not enough."

"[Police] have legitimate concerns but we believe that we can alleviate some of the questions they are trying to address.

"We want to have the season on the pitch and discuss several options to make it as fair as possible."

In light of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Premier League was suspended on 13th March but teams returned to training in small groups last week, with a unanimous vote on Wednesday to return to contact training, including combating it.

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