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Norwich says relegation and promotion have to be decided in the pitch

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The Premier League clubs should only be relegated if both top two divisions restart their season and complete the season, said the bottom side director Norwich City on Wednesday.

The Canary is six points below the safety line with nine games to play and Stuart Webber said that relegating or promoting teams on the basis of the incomplete season would be unfair.

"It's okay if we restart and three teams are relegated," he told Sky Sports TV. "Soccer should be played on a pitch, not in a boardroom.

"But the championship (second level) must restart and also play all its games.

"What we can't accept is a situation where all our games are played, relegated, but the Championship can't play then ... And then some teams that haven't ended the season automatically promoted.

Premier League clubs are discussing the end of the season with the opportunity to restart next month as the government says elite sport could return after June 1. The destiny of lower divisions is uncertain.

The BBC said that top flight clubs would spend four million pounds ($4.92 million) on COVID-19 test players.

This would probably go beyond the resources of smaller clubs dependent on receipts but already staffed and no visitors could admit.

Norwich had opposed plans to hold Premier League games in neutral locations to limit the risk of supporters' participation, but clubs are hoping to avoid such a measure.

Webber criticised the way the debate came last week and was accused of using concerns regarding neutral venues as an excuse to try and avoid relegation.

"I 'm glad that this week was just levelled up somewhat, and it's no surprise that once bigger clubs than we're talking about, people suddenly want to get around and not beat us again," he said.

"Most importantly, I believe that we are trying to find a way back to playing where it is safe and where the competition is fair.

"What we can't do is to play everything in the media and when the schedules are right, clubs beat up for suggesting that playing in neutral venues might not be fair."

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