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New stations of the Pride Black Music Month in Pandora have new adaptation functions

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Pandora presents new stations and expands online music-streaming to celebrate the Pride and Black Music Month by adding its Modes feature. Modes used to be only available on artist stations, but the feature is available now on new genre stations in Qmunity and Black Music Forever.

Pandora introduces new stations and expands its "Modes" functionality for the Pride and Black Music Month celebrations online. Online music streaming service Starting on June 1, modes will first be available in two different genre stations: "Future Pride" will be offered to Qmunity, whereby "Today's hip hop" and "Black Voice Through the Years" will be used by Black Music Forever in nine new modes, respectively.

Pandora first launched Modes last year as a way for listeners to pick up musical discovery in different styles. Users can customize their listening experience when listening to a station in another mode. Crowd favorites, who plays songs with ample "thumbs" from listeners of Pandora and Deep Cuts, play lesser-known tracks for an artist, are included in modes.

While Modes used to be only available on artist-based stations, the new genre stations of Qmody and Black Music Forever are now available. The new modes are "finished in terms of genres, decades and themes" by Pandora's expert curatorial team, according to Pandora.

Qmunity has iconic anthems of pride by artists such as Madonna, Whitney Houston and Abba. Its "Future of Pride" mode features music from the emerging artists of LGBTQIA+ including Sam Smith, Kim Petras, and Troye Siva.

A new station, Black Music Forever, has nine ways to celebrate black artists' music. Today's Hip Hop, Nowadays R&B Mode, Pop Mode, Afro beats / Regaeton Mode, Black Voices Through the Years, Hip Hop Mode of the nineties, R&B Mode of the eighties, Disco / Fernsee Mode of the eighties and Soul Mode of the nineteen-sixties. While Qmunity seems already to have started, Black Music Forever has still not gone live. This may be the start of a larger mode expansion. Now that Pandora has shown that Modes can work more than artist stations, we will see whether the feature will be more broadly developed in the future.

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