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New launch in the BMW 5 Series is only weeks away

Image:-BMW 5 series

The BMW 5 Series is in for refreshment and the sedan is set to take on a sleeker look, judging from the first picture shown by the German automaker.

Our first look at the tweaked luxury sedan comes from Thursday's BMW General Meeting and the automaker confirmed that in under two weeks we'll see the full thing. Aside from the debut, the company also shared we 're in with 48-volt mild-hybrid technology for electrified versions.

Don't expect any massive changes in design since the internet seemed to spoil the final changes late last month, but the model year 2021 will bring some slimmer headlights and a reworked grille. The photos from the teaser show both elements off, and the headlights look pretty good. The rear also takes in a few elements from the latest 3 Series, particularly in the taillights. This time around, also, an even more powerful hybrid plug-in model could be part of the portfolio.

The more efficient models would eventually give way to the fun stuff. We'll see an updated M5 and hotter M5 Competition coming down the line further, but the German brand will certainly parade the standard models and their added efficiency first.

While the 5 Series was the presentation 's highlight, BMW also said things at the automaker will change. The company used the meeting to underline how the pandemic of coronavirus will shape the forward moving automaker. Specifically, all future products are under review and cancellations and postponements are not off the table. The pandemic already rumored to have shelved a successor to the BMW i8.

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