New feature of iOS 14 can damage apps

Article Edited by | Jhon N |


Many new features of iOS 14 were recently revealed at WWDC 2020, but one of them is of major concern for one of the world's largest social networks.

This is because the new version of the Apple OS lets you see which apps and websites monitor your browsing and use history for the sale of ads.

Facebook CFO David Wehner reported the problem during a Thursday interview with CNBC.

He said: "We continue to try to understand how these changes will appear to us and the rest of the business, but it will make it at least more difficult for app and website developers to use Facebook or other ads."

At this year's World Developer Conference, the monitoring feature has been announced and reaches both iOS and iPadOS. It works as follows: If a web site or app attempts to track your iPhone browsing, a window opens on the display, requesting your consent and demonstrating what you collect.

It concerns advertising agencies, websites and apps, because if you do not accept tracking, the displayed ads may progressively lose relevance, generating lower and lower revenue for you, which would ultimately prevent the payment of the teams who are responsible for them, as many sites and apps depend on ads to remain alive.

Wehner says that in the third quarter of 2020, Facebook advertising will begin to see the new role, but by the end of the year it could be harmed more when iOS 14 is installed on additional device and hampers publicity. More aggressive, more aggressive.