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Nest devices get advanced Protection from Google


The company announced on Monday that Google adds its Advanced Protection Program to the nest devices, which adds security to its smart home devices. Users previously could use either an Advanced Protection Program or a Google Account for Nest, but now they are both allowed to access the same Google Account simultaneously.

Shuvo Chatterjee, Advanced Protection Product Manager, wrote in a blog post, "Since we launched one of our goals has been to bring Advanced Protection features to other Google products." "We want to make the additional security levels that the Program provides as many users as possible."

The Protection Process is designed with a focus on on online activists, business leaders, politicians and journalists who are at risk of targeted attacks. It requires physical safety keys, one with a user account password, and limits most external Google access, blocking unknown apps and fraudulent attempts at accessing an account. It also requires physical security keys. Some features in Advanced Protection include Gmail, Drive, G Suite, Chrome, Google Cloud and Android.

Earlier this year , Google introduced several new Nest security features, including requiring users who had to migrate their nest account to Google accounts for two-factor authentication.

Users need two physical security keys - one main one and one backup - and a phone with Android 7 or higher and iOS 10.0 or higher to enroll in advanced protection. The built-in security key and Android users can log in to their phones while the Google Smart Lock app needs to be downloaded by Apple users.

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