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Moscow reported 18 percent more deaths in April last year than in the same month


The total number of deaths in Moscow increased sharply in April compared to the same month and was also significantly higher than the number officially confirmed by the new official coronavirus

This raises the possibility that the official COVID-19 death toll, the respiratory disease caused by the virus, would seriously underline the spread of the virus in the Russian capital.

Many countries look at "all-cause mortality" statistics as a guide for understanding the full impact of the virus, as some COVID-19-related deaths may go unrecorded, while death toll from other diseases may also increase during a time when health care systems are under strain.

The data released on Sunday shows that Moscow recorded a total of 11,846 deaths in April, the first month the town recorded a large number of COVID-19 deaths. That's 18 per cent more deaths than the April 2019 recorded.

The new data was first published on Sunday by The Moscow Times.

The number of deaths compared with only 658 deaths recorded as being caused by COVID-19 in April.

According to the open data published by the Moscow government, which is based on the number of death certificates issued each month, the figure is also up 20 per cent compared to an average of the same month over the previous 10 years.

Other countries also pay more attention to the number of "excess deaths" as a guide for measuring the full impact of the pandemic, as many coronavirus deaths are never identified as such because of insufficient testing.

A report published by Italy's statistics office on Monday showed that national deaths have increased by 39 per cent since the first official COVID-19 death, compared to an average of the same period over the previous five years.

Slightly more than half of those "excess deaths" were recorded as caused by COVID-19. The remaining 46 per cent were most likely to be deaths caused by the virus among patients who had not been tested for it, or deaths that could be attributed to the health system strain, the office said.

In total, Russia had recorded 1,915 deaths from the new coronavirus as of Sunday.

Infection cases rose by 11,012 in the last 24 hours, bringing the tally to 209,688 nationwide. Russian coronavirus cases this week overtook French and German infections to become the world's fifth-highest.

Russia had recorded its first coronavirus death on March 26.

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