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Modified NBA tracking tech to enforce social distance in factories

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KINEXON SafeZone allows companies to follow physical distancing guidelines precisely while recording contact chains accurately and simultaneously.

Worldwide companies are looking for ways to resume business operations safely and securely. Compliance with the physical distance guidelines of employees plays a major role. KINEXON launches an innovative solution to make this possible: KINEXON SafeZone. The core element is a wearable sensor, which actively warns the user when there's a compromise to the minimum physical distance. Companies can also trace infection chains with optional software and take strategic action. With no infrastructure needed, KINEXON SafeZone is immediately available as a plug-and - play solution.

Social distancing has just gone technological on some plant floors with a new solution from Kinexon, a localization data company.

"We have developed highly accurate , real-time localization technology for individuals and objects to be used in digitizing industrial factories and shop floors," Mehdi Bentanfous, CEO of Kinexon, told business insider.

The new solution, known as SafeZone, helps employees maintain a distance in factories and other major centres. The technology notifies users in real-time either visually or audibly if they are too close to someone else with wearable bracelet sensors, that use radio frequency waves to give users accurate location data.

Prior to the pandemic, the company had already developed location-based technology for its broad customer portfolio, monitoring the distance and movement of people and objects with radio waves. The firm boasts an impressive clientele from BMW to New York Knicks in the automotive and sports industries.

But Kinexon switched to its current goods to find a workaround with the NBA era cancelled for the year and the need for social space in some sectors growing severe. And SafeZone had been born.

Factories are hotbeds for infection

"The drive to develop SafeZone was the need we saw," said Bentanfous. "And the added value of our technology."

Since the coronavirus pandemic in the United States continues, meat processing plants and centers of satisfaction and distribution become hotbeds for disease and infection. Many centers have implemented guidelines for social distance to limit spread, but a more rigorous solution is often required.

For Bentanfous, the company had already got the precise sensor technology that measures distance to find a solution. The next step was to change the technology objective to measure the distance between two people in contrast to the location of a single person in real time.

"Tech is the same," said Bentanfous in relation to SafeZone and the previous solutions of the company. "It's different what we calculate out of it."

Because the bones of the technology were already in place, Kinexon had two weeks to develop, test and prototype SafeZone – all of this from home.

While SafeZone technology can't take account of employees wearing masks or running fevers, it can be used in other ways. For example, SafeZone provides no identity data, but if an employee were to test for the virus positively, companies would be able to determine the close proximity of other employees by analyzing movement data from the infected person.

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