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Microsoft Outlook Update Gives iPhone and iPad 'Ignore Conversation' Feature

Image:-Microsoft Outlook Update

Microsoft has released a new version of its iPhone and iPad Outlook app which includes a new feature that allows users to remove repeated multi-reply email threads from their inbox.

In Microsoft speaking, a conversation is the entire chain of emails from the first message through all responses and a conversation's messages have the same subject matter.

The new feature, called Ignore Conversation, is specifically designed to get rid of company-wide email threads that build up in the user's inbox, as other people continue to respond.

Release notes for version 4.36.0 of Microsoft's app describe Ignore Conversation as follows:

"Sick of that company-wide email that everyone is still replying all to? So are we. Stay focused on what's important by getting it and all future replies out of your inbox and straight into deleted items with our new Ignore Conversation feature.

The feature has been available in Outlook for some time on other platforms, but this is the first time users have been able to use it when accessing their emails on iOS devices.

Download link:- Microsoft Outlook for Iphone and Ipad free download available from the App Store

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