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Microsoft Office supports multi-window for iPad

Image:-ipad multi window

Microsoft will soon be making it easier for iOS users to juggle multiple Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. The tech giant has allowed Office insiders to open side-by-side multiple Word and PowerPoint windows on an iPad.

Insiders can access the feature by going to the list of Recent, Shared or Open files, then holding and dragging a file to the edge of the iPad screen, or by selecting one from the menu "...." Also, they can simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open a dock, drag the open app icon to the edge of the screen and then select the file they want to start.

Unfortunately, the company didn't tell all Office users when the feature will be making its way out of beta. Those who want to take advantage of it will need to make sure they run iPadOS 13, though, since Apple rolled out the ability to open multiple windows with the mobile platform of the same app.

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