Microsoft launches its Parent and Child Family Safety App

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Today , Microsoft launches its Family Safety app for children and parental controls on a new screen time. Earlier, a preview of the app came.

The app is designed to enable parents to learn how their children use screen time, to create screen times, to specify boundaries, to configure web access limit settings and to use other helpful controls.

Microso 's new app will work beer for users who have access to Products and services like Windows 10 PCs and Xbox devices of the company.

Microso 's Family Safety, like other screen time apps, has a business log showing children use their screen time. The app monitors the amount of time spent on apps , websites and devices. It also shows terms that kids look for online.

The app also sends a weekly report to parents so they can discuss how to use their children's screen time safely. In a current pandemic, when children go to school in their homes and have lots of time to spend on their devices, the app is particularly helpful. It made it more complicated than ever before for parents to monitor their children's online activities.

Many parents reconsider their children's healthy screen time and try to see how much time it takes to screen.

The Family Safety app will help parents deal with this issue and make the time limit for the screen applicable across devices easier. If kids do not use the time set for the screen, they can ask for more, and the parents can opt for more.

Parents can also control search filters and block mature content. If a child attempts to contravene controls like downloading mature content, the app sends parents a notice of the event.

In addition , parents can also control purchases via the app by allowing children's requests to be approved. The app also features integrated location sharing so that parents do not have to download additional family locator apps