Microsoft has started updating its collaboration tool called Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft has a bunch of new features coming and is also introducing intelligent speaker devices at Ignite.

We have selected the top ten services in this market.Microsoft will not have an event without a slew of Teams announcements. On Day 1 of Microsoft's virtual Ignite Spring 2021 event, officials did not fail to deliver the expected goods.

Microsoft has confirmed its plans to put the new channel-sharing feature as an update for Teams. There's a feature that will enable users to share channels with their works department or co-workers. The shared channel will appear inside a user's primary Teams, in addition to the primary Team channels. There will be private previews for Teams Connect beginning today.

With Guest Access, you can allow visitors to join your Teams environment, which act as "guests". Teams apps allow participating teams to share a single channel that all members can access from their own teams environment.

Channel sharing can be useful when multiple organisations are cooperating on a single project. Guest Access is more suited to situations where there is a need for users to access organisations information beyond what is allowed.

Microsoft Teams Panels wants to make your meetings easier when you're back in the office | Microsoft Teams has multiple account support | Microsoft Teams Pro has Meetings Intelligence.

Microsoft announced that it would support end-to-end encryption for one-to-one Teams calls as well. IT will oversee the whole process of providing E2EE services. E2EE (Session Initiation Protocol) feature for Teams 1:1 ad-hoc VoIP calls will be available in preview for commercial customers in the first half of the calendar year.

Furthermore, Microsoft announced another new tool for Teams which leaked a month ago under the name "Teams Pro.". This provides a substantial ability for Teams users to interact and communicate online with organisations of any size. With a webinar, the listeners will benefit by subscribing and registering online. Officials have said that the Screening Room can also be used for view-only broadcasts. Additional features will be added to existing features in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft is making some significant improvements to Teams

Presenter can manage entire meeting by using PowerPoint in Microsoft Teams. PowerPoint Live has been available through Teams as of today. The new presenter mode in Teams will allow users to customise the way their video feeds and content appear to their audiences. This is an option called Standout that can be seen by the other spectators. This feature will appear more commonly in the next update. 

Reporter Mode and Side-by-Side are coming soon. There is a new interactive video called Dynamic View in the meeting hall. Dynamic View is set to be rolled out by the end of this month.

Microsoft announced a new category of speakers at Ignite named Intelligent Speakers. Teams Intelligent Speakers detects up to 10 speaking people and distinguishes their voices. Installation was supported by EPOS and Yealink (two vendors that had devices certified as Intelligent Speakers). (The Surface Hub device is said to be supported by Teams.) Turning attribution on and off is at user's discretion at any time. Yes, there is/was a precedent like this in Singapore:. Microsoft has demonstrated a dynamic type of voice recognition system named ConAIR.