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Meizu 17 Series Display Custom S-AMOLED Eye Protection Screen

Image:-Meizu 17 series mEngine 3.0 

The new 5 G flagship, the Meizu 17, will meet all of you in 5 days. Meizu Technology officially brought the latest news on the morning of 3 May: the full range of full-custom Samsung Super AMOLED eye protection screen.

The new 17 series of the Meizu bezel is extremely narrow from the official warm-up poster released, the screen seems to be overflowing, coupled with the ultra-small cutout in the upper right corner, the look is superb.

This is not the first time a custom screen has been made, since a custom screen was also used by the previous generation of the Meizu 16th series, with the official claim that the customization cost up to USD 6 million. Among them, the Meizu 16th Plus adopts a 6.5-inch 2160 resolution screen with a screen share of 91.18 per cent, even more than many bang screen models.

Meizu 17 series mEngine 3.0 Horizontal Linear Motor

Meizu's official also warmed up the new Meizu 17 series machine, is upgraded to a horizontal linear motor mEngine 3.0, bringing a more realistic tactile feedback experience.

It's reported that the linear motor does not need any conversion mechanism compared to the rotor motor. The linear motor has an extremely fast start and stops speeds, and the response time and shock stop time can reach tens of ms. The sensation of vibration is crisp and clean, and the noise is very small because no mechanical rotation is necessary. The overall thickness is controllable.

Just like using real mechanical buttons, it can perfectly simulate the feeling of pressing, the rebound is powerful and crisp and the advantages of fast linear motor start and stop speed are fully displayed.

The high refresh rate screen is becoming the standard for flagships as we enter 2020 and this time around Meizu is no exception. The whole 17 and 17 Pro lineup comes standard with a 90Hz refresh rate screen which is also the first time a high refresh rate screen is used on a phone.

The Meizu 17 series is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform in terms of core configuration, supporting 5 G dual-mode SA and NSA, with LPDDR5 memory and horizontal five-ring imaging system, its main camera being Sony IMX686 (64 megapixels) and supporting 30W/40W flash charging.

Additionally, the entire Meizu 17 Pro lineup comes with a ceramic body as standard, and the official emphasizes that Meizu is trying to blend the perfect color on the ceramic body.

In terms of performance and network experience, the company's founder, Huang Zhang, said that Meizu 17 is not just the absolute flagship. There will also be new innovations in materials, images, experience and so on and the 17 series will definitely be a good-looking and useful product belonging to Meizu.

Moreover, Meizu 17 will start at 10:00 omnichannel on May 4, before the launch of the last hundred yuan bookings. Pre-order users can enjoy priority shipping and will receive 12 gratuitous gifts including HiFi earbuds and an extended 18-month warranty. The Meizu 17 series on May 8 will be released online so stay tuned.