Lenovo is announcing IoT business solutions to post-pandemic return to office

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The company created some IoT options to ensure safe workspaces for businesses and employees.

Ready or not, in an effort to combat the worldwide threat of COVID-19, there have been more than rumblings about offices reopening after a three-month shutter. Lenovo announced Internet of Things ( IoT) solutions for businesses that will have to tackle the inherent challenges of maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment.

The solutions are the first that was established in 2019 from Lenovo 's Commercial Internet of Things Business Group. The initial solution to solve: employees believe that deploying technological safety measures within the workplace is the responsibility of the company.

Lenovo developed ThinkIoT Solutions to support transitional steps focused on key workplace actions as companies return to offices, including: touchless building access, high temperature screening, digital signature and policy communication, safe workplace monitoring, and on-site contact tracking.

Lenovo said the system will ensure that employers are equipped with the right technology to be able to welcome back employees and hopefully will not have to endure problems often associated with IoT projects.

The company compiled promises for its worldwide customers as part of the application of Lenovo's ThinkIoT initiative: validation, deployment, end-to - end management, single point accountability, minimal site disruption, and testing of each solution before submission.

Having these elements in play will facilitate the transitional return for big companies with multiple locations, Lenovo said.

ThinkIoT Back to Work Solutions partnered with several hardware and software companies to develop secure technology solutions, including CXApp, Ipixon, L Squared, Openpath, Relogix and Viper Imaging.