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Lenovo can launch a new android smart phone Legion in the upcoming month.


New rumor, Lenovo will be launching the Legion Gaming phone next month. according to the reports from GSM Arena this will be a next gen Gaming phone

This might be the latest lenovo smarphone this year

Launch occurs only in China for now. But the Legion Phone will have to compete fiercely in China. hence, Lenovo can therefore still opt to release the device worldwide.

In the post, Lenovo recognizes that fans are waiting from a long time and that in July it would satisfy there fans with this beast gaming phone . Although it notes in July, it does not mention an exact date, indicating an unveiling event in the weeks ahead.

This opens up a whole month for a possible revelation. However, it also means that the phone will release this summer at the very least. It remains to be seen whether this is only China or the world.

Lenovo hadn't actually provided much information about the launch event. But July seems to be the time frame now, it shouldn't be too shocking.

The Legion Phone was found to be certified in China on 2 June. This suggest that the launch event would happen in this month . It turned out to be sometimes this summer, as close as possible, but speculative.

The Legion Phone is the entry for Lenovo on the smartphone market, which is rumored to be launched sometime in the third half of 2020, along with ASUS and its upcoming ROG Phone III.

Lenovo suggested a number of pretty exciting features in the phone. . An innovative cooling technology. The phone was also rumored to have a Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset. It may also have a 144Hz display to help lenovo stand out from similar devices with, a pop-up camera and a number of other gaming features.

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