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Knicks retain GM Scott Perry on contract for one year

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Leon Rose, the New York Knicks' new president, is not ready to show the door just yet to general manager Scott Perry. On Wednesday Newsday reported that Perry was retained by the Knicks on a one year contract.

The Knicks have confirmed Rose's new contract with Perry's statement.

"Scott is a well-respected basketball executive I've known for over 20 years and I look forward to working closely with him as we look to build a winning team in New York," Rose said through Newsday. Rose was named Knicks president in March after Steve Mills was fired in February.

That move would be seen as classic Knicks in normal, non-coronavirus times. Instead of cleaning house, something in the executive ranks that is badly overdue, the Knicks retain the old GM who continued the team's slide into irrelevance and embarrassment.

Retaining Perry is still a classic move by Knicks, but now there's more to consider. Because of COVID-19, the NBA is at a total standstill and there is no saying when - or if - the league will resume playing this season. The draft is still scheduled for June 25, but teams have reportedly called on commissioner Adam Silver to push it back so that it can coincide with the season's official end (whenever it will be).

Everything that happens with the NBA is unprecedented and strange, and bringing in a brand new general manager in the midst of so much uncertainty is like digging a hole with a shovel when sitting in your driveway is a backhoe. The degree of difficulty would be unnecessarily increased, and at the worst possible time.

Perry is on a one-year contract, so if things don't work out in the next year, Rose hasn't committed the Knicks to Perry for multiple years. With a new president, Perry now has a chance to turn things around, a chance he may not have had if the NBA were not forced to suspend the season.