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Kim Jong A Sent Trump 'A Nice Note' North Korea denies that

Image from:-(AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

On Sunday, North Korea dismissed President Donald Trump's comment that he had recently received "a nice note" from North leader Kim Jong Un as "ungrounded"

During a press briefing on Saturday's coronavirus pandemic, Trump said, "I recently received a nice note from him. It was a pleasant note. I think we're doing fine. "Trump also defended now-stalled nuclear diplomacy with Kim, saying that if he hadn't been elected, the US would have been in war with North Korea.

North Korea's Foreign Ministry said in a statement that "the supreme leadership," a reference to Kim, has recently addressed no letter to Trump.

It said it would examine why "the ungrounded story" was released to the media by the U.S. leadership

"Relations between (North Korea)'s top leaders and the U.S. aren't just an issue to be addressed for diversion, nor should it be misused for selfish purposes," the statement said.

Since 2018, when they started talks on North Korea's nuclear weapons program, Kim and Trump have met three times and exchanged letters and envoys on many occasions. The two leaders built up some personal relationships, and Trump once said he and Kim were "fallen in love."

Since the breakdown of their second Vietnam summit in early 2019, when Trump rejected Kim's calls for sweeping sanctions relief in return for a partial denuclearization step, the nuclear diplomacy has made little headway.

North Korea said Trump sent Kim a personal letter in March, seeking to maintain good relationships and offering cooperation in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

At the time, Kim's sister and senior official, Kim Yo Jong, said Trump's letter showed how special the relationship between the two leaders was but it wasn't a good idea to be optimistic about their country's prospects for bilateral relations. A senior official in the Trump administration confirmed Trump sent Kim a letter saying it was consistent with Trump's efforts to engage world leaders during the pandemic.