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Italy's CNH Industrial targets total production by the end of May

Image:-Italy's CNH Industrial

Vehicle and equipment manufacturer CNH Industrial (CNHI.MI) said Tuesday it plans to gradually return to full operations at most of its facilities around the world by the end of May, in line with coronavirus lockdown easing.

The farmer machinery maker, Iveco commercial vehicles, building equipment and powertrains, said in a statement that more than two-thirds of its 67 plants were already operational "to varying degrees."

Over 75 per cent of its production sites were operational in Europe, it said.

Most of the group's assembly operations around the world came to a halt in March, when governments restricted the movements and economic activities of people trying to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

CNH prioritized agricultural and powertrain manufacturing in resuming activities, as they were considered by governments to be essential industries, and in response to local market demands it said.

Considering the importance of transportation and civil protection activities at this time, production of commercial and specialty vehicles followed, and then production of construction equipment resumed, CNH said.

"Modifications may be needed if local or regional situations deteriorate or in response to specific critical issues," the statement added, citing, for example, supply chain problems.