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Investigators reported 74 million year-old mammal fossils

Image:-Mammal fossils

The Chilean Antarctic Institute reported on Thursday that Chilean and Argentine scientists had recovered teeth in faraway Patagonia, part of a mammal 74 million years old. The most ancient remains of this kind still found in the South American country.

In a dig near Torres Paine National Park, a rural region of Patagonia famous for its glacier-capped Andean spirals and cool ocean waters, scientists uncovered the small teeth that belonged to the species called Magallanodon baikashkenke.

According to an article published in the Natural History Museum bulletin of Chile, the small mammal lived in southern Patagonia in the late Cretaceous period with dinosaurs, crocodiles, turtles, and birds.

It is the most south record of a group of long-extinct early mammals, which coexisted with dinosaurs, called Gondwanatheria.

According to the Chilean Institute, gondwanatheria from the Cretaceous era is extremely rare , especially in this part of South America.

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