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India launches JioPhones' contact-tracking app in the battle against viruses

Image:-India launches JioPhones' contact-tracking app in the battle against viruses

India 's technology ministry said it had rolled out a version of its Bluetooth contact-tracking app for 5 million JioPhones, the cheap internet-enabled devices sold by the telecoms unit of Reliance Industries, on Thursday.

India was set to roll out a version of its Aarogya Setu coronavirus contact-tracing application for JioPhones in a matter of days as it looks to increase system reach, Reuters reported last week.

India, which imposed the world's largest shutdown at the end of March to combat the spread of coronavirus, launched the Aarogya Setu (Health Bridge) app last month - a Bluetooth and GPS-based application that alerts users who may have come in contact with people who later test COVID-19 for positive.

The app, now downloaded by 100 million Indians, was initially only available on Google's Android (GOOGL.O) devices and on Apple (AAPL.O) devices.

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