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India issues post-lockdown factory guidelines after fatal gas leak

Image:-LG Polymers Plant following a gas leak at the plant in Visakhapatnam

India has issued guidelines to ensure a safe restart of its production facilities following a national lockdown that lasts for weeks aiming to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The guidelines arrive days after a gaseous leak killed 11 people and hospitalized another 800 at a facility in South India operated by LG Chem Ltd, a subsidiary of the South Korean petrochemical industry.

According to a statement issued late on Saturday, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) said companies should consider the first week of restart as a test run and do not attempt to achieve high-production goals during this period.

It was stated that the locking of waste chemicals may have resulted in pipelines, valves and other areas that might pose a risk. Companies should also ensure that personnel are trained to identify abnormalities that could indicate possible failures in the system.

India has imposed one of the world's strictest lock-down programs from 25 March to prevent the spread of the pandemic, having recorded around 63 000 coronaviruses. The lock-down is scheduled for at least 17 May.

But Asia's third-largest economy has recently started to ease curbs in fewer infected areas to resume economic activity, which has stopped, impacting tens of millions of people on their livelihoods.

The NDMA said that before restarting activities, factories must also conduct complete safety audits of entire factories.

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